Demonstrator of Enhanced Publications


This demonstrator is part of Milestone 4.1 'Demonstrator of Enhanced Publications', from Work Package 4 'Discovery', from the 'DRIVER II' project, from the 'Seventh Framework Programme'

Related tasks that were used as input for this demonstrator:

The goal of this demonstrator is to trigger and help researchers and repository managers think about:

The demonstrator will not give an example of the ideal way to present enhanced publications. It will show give examples of enhanced publications from different disciplines and illustrate the opportinities and challenges of enhanced publications. The ideal way to present enhanced publications will need to be determined in close cooperation with researchers, publishers and repository managers.


The most important requirements for this demonstrator are:

Bad experience with demonstrations has lead to the decision to :


The demonstrator aggregates scientific web resources via OAI-ORE v0.9 and RDF. XSLT is used to transform these into XHTML. CSS and Javascript do the rest of the presentation. A Java applet is used to dynamically display the relations between resources. Although these relations can be fed to the applet as parameters, they are not yet automatically interpreted from the RDF-serialisation.

The demonstrator is currently built to work optimally with Firefox 3.0 integrated with a Java VM. Unfortunatly there is a bug for people using OSX and Java: the applet displaying relations between objects doesn't work.

Overview of Enhanced Publications

The demonstrator consists of the following Enhanced Publications:

Note: The demonstrated enhanced publications try to reflect the original publication, data and metadata as much as possible. For this demonstrator some metadata had to be added by the developers.

Other Issues:


KNAW 2008Maarten Hoogerwerf, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
Arjan Hogenaar, KNAW Research Information